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When I was a kid, my father got me and my three brothers a tandem bicycle, or “bicycle built for two”. It weighed about 75 pounds.  I really didn’t ride it much.  My younger brother, Murray, however, did.  He and his friend Kevin would take this behemoth out to find the cyclists in their riding outfits, and they, in their blue jeans and t shirts, would end up going faster than the cyclist. I got to thinking this is pretty amazing, so I started looking for tandems only to find that they were, in fact, fast, but they were also bulky, hard to travel with, and very expensive.

So I started on the BUDDY BAR journey.  I thought why couldn’t you connect 2 bicycles together the same way a tandem is built…front to back?

As I started to test BUDDY BAR with different riders, I realized one of the greatest benefits for me was I could get a really effective ride and workout, whether the other rider was stronger or weaker than me!  Also, once our kids were stable enough on their bikes, we started to connect with their bikes.  We didn’t hear the whining, like the proverbial “slow down!” or “Wait for me!” or “how much farther?” – they can go farther now and by proxy they do keep up!

It took about 30 years to work through different concepts, materials, trials and error, in developing and selling BUDDY BAR.  I learned overall people do like going faster than they could by themselves and go farther than they could before.  

Overall, we learned people just like riding together, regardless of fitness level!

So…Ride…Together and have fun!

Please email us at:  info@buddybar.net for any questions or concerns on buddybar.

We want to hear about your experience with BUDDY BAR! Send us a picture of you riding together using your BUDDY BAR. Let us know if we can post it to the buddybar facebook page.  We want your reviews, too!

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