How it works

  The Original Bicycle Tandem Bar®, BUDDY BAR was originally designed for getting the efficiencies of riding a tandem, but doing it at a fraction of the cost. When we were testing BUDDY BAR, we found many more uses for buddybar, anything from training of newer riders and seasoned as well. Friends, family and couples - young and old - now have no excuse of not being able to keep up when riding - you're connected! For cyclists and coaches, some of the training can include: pacelining, cadence training, heartrate training, drafting, and others. Personal Trainers can add it to their "tool box" for a unique idea for cardio and get their clients outdoors. Physical Therapists or other healthcare specialists with a goal of getting their patients/clients on a bicycle can add BUDDY BAR to their programs. Go BUDDY BAR!  Ride...together!

Set Up:

The BUDDY BAR kit comes fully assembled in the mail.

  • The front bicycle attaching assembly connects to the frame rails of the back of the saddle. This will be the "captain" bicycle.
  • The rear bicycle attaching assembly connects to the stem of the bicycle. The stem must be a 1" or 1 1/8" stem. Quill or threadless should not matter.
  • BUDDY BAR has a quick coupler on both ends and connects both bicycles together, front to back (tandem style), which gives the immediate advantage of built in draft. That advantage is a one person aerodynamic profile, and two rider's power.
Tools you may need to get started:
  • Allen wrench (4mm, 5mm, and/or 6mm)
  • “Regular” 7/16” wrench
For quill stem, you will need a large adjustable or crescent wrench
You may have to refer to the bicycle manufacturer's handbook for any additional tools needed.