What is the BUDDY BAR?

BUDDY BAR is a bar that connects 2 bicycles together, back to front, to form a tandem bicycle (bicycle built for 2). This gives all the benefits of being tandem (aerodynamic, team building, training, etc), but at a fraction of the price.

Who can use the BUDDY BAR?:

The only real requirement for BUDDY BAR is that both riders need to know how to ride a bicycle.

What kind of bicycles can use BUDDY BAR?:

Basically any bicycle that has “frame rails” on the seat/saddle and a 1″ or 1 1/8″ stem to mount the attaching hardware.  The attaching hardware for the “Captain” will connect to the seat/saddle frame rails, and the attaching hardware for the “Stoker” will connect to the stem.


  • Riders can be different sizes because they are on their own bikes.  With a conventional tandem, you have to size each rider up.
  • Cadence is unique to each rider.  With BUDDY BAR, cadence is independent with respect to each rider, while a conventional tandem it is not.
  • Most tandems worthy of riding are almost price prohibitive to purchase, and with BUDDY BAR, it is not.  BUDDY BAR is a very affordable way to ride with the benefits of a tandem scenario.
  • Unlike tandems, you can disconnect buddybar and go solo if you’re not in the greatest riding environment for a tandem. Once you feel comfortable with the terrain again, you can easily re-attach.

Which is the best position?

BUDDY BAR was originally designed to be a training tool, so the best position is very relative.  However, we’ve found:

  • The lesser seasoned rider should sit “Captain” (ride in the front) to benefit from the more seasoned rider’s experience and critique (cadence, paceline, fatigue, etc.).
  • The more seasoned rider should sit “Stoker” (ride in the back) in order to give feedback to the “Captain.” This will apply the brunt of the power to the “team” for a more efficient ride.

Please check out Product Info for videos on how to attach the hardware to both positions of the bicycles.

Where can I get the BUDDY BAR?

The only place you can purchase BUDDY BAR is here.


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